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In the coming weeks a vote will be held to determine whether the University of Chicago’s graduate students want to be represented by GSU as a nationally recognized union affiliated with AFT. The majority of the students WHO VOTE will decide the fate of every graduate student for years to come. Therefore it is time to stop and think about whether a union under GSU is right for you.

Our goal is twofold: we seek to to maximize voter turn out during the NLRB mediated election as well as educate the graduate student body so we can all make an informed choice. We hope that by starting conversations and providing easily accessible information, the will of the majority of the graduate student body, not just GSU, will be represented in the unionization vote. We will provide transparent facts and diverse opinions about unionization to every graduate student, regardless of their availability to meet in person! We believe that an informed and active graduate student body is a powerful one that can act in its own self-interest.

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First on the to do list! Update your mailing address on my.uchicago.

We learned a lot from our meeting with Jake Rubinstein Esq. We talked about the university’s plans for how they will respond to the actions of GSU and came across an important problem. We believe GSU is currently petitioning the NLRB to hold a mail in secret ballot election. This means that the university will provide … Continue reading First on the to do list! Update your mailing address on my.uchicago.

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