Petition Documents for Unionization

Hi all,

Released through a FOIA request, the original and updated RC petitions for unionization have been released and can be found here.

Note that the size of the bargaining unit is at 2559. If we assume $500 in dues a year per student (c.f. University of Michigan dues), this means GSU stands to gain over $1.3 million PER YEAR. Think about this figure next time someone tries to get your vote through ideological arguments.

Furthermore, both original (05/08) and amended (05/17) call for elections from May 30th – June 20th. This date has been set in stone since the original petition, yet why does GSU answer “some time soon” whenever asked when the election will be?


2 thoughts on “Petition Documents for Unionization

    1. Thanks for the input!
      Again, as the original post points out, we used the GEO3550 website to estimate this number. If you have any insight into the true value that you’d like to share, please let us know! We’d like to understand the discrepancy between what you pay and what their website says you should pay.

      We arrived at our estimates using the full time (1.0) term salary throughout the year, we find that the total yearly union dues are $487, the basis of the original $500 estimate (see link in original blog post). We find that even if a student is full time in the Fall/Winter, and and part time (0.5) in the Spring/Summer, that leads to an estimate of $406. Regardless, this is still lower than the estimated dues for U of C students.

      Here at the U of C AFT has set our dues to 2% of our salary we get paid between 26,000 and 30,000 annually bringing the expected dues to 520 to 600. In our division, the BSD, there isn’t any distinction between stipend and salary. GSU has already agreed to this and I don’t think we can change it.


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